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I seem to be the only person updating here. Lol. I was hoping to keep this to a few people, who have little but some existing talent to show off.
Here's a colourful banner:

(I tried to use as many colours as possible)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And my Pigmy Pen. If you've read HBP, you know what Pigmy Puffs are. I originally made these for potterpuffs; but now they're like muses. Take one at random and use it for inspiration! These are available for taking and usage. (Maybe I'll make ones in real life. Hehe, a Pigmy Puff notebook.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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heh, i'll be updating on this community soon i hope :)

and i have no idea what pygmy puffs are since i haven't read any harry potter >>;;;
If you've seen the movies, you know who Fred and George are?
They've got a jokeshop in HBP. Pygmy Puffs are cute little puffballs of fur that are in said jokeshop.
I can't see the banner. >_
>_<* oh, and I'm stealing a pygmy puff.
I'll make sure to fix that. I'm not having any problems though.

Glad you like the puffs :) Go ahead!