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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
5:31 pm
I seem to be the only person updating here. Lol. I was hoping to keep this to a few people, who have little but some existing talent to show off.
Here's a colourful banner:
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1:27 am
Hello. A list of RULES:
1. Put anything bigger than iconage under a cut.
2. Credit the original inspirer/creator if it's not yours.
3. Post PG 13/R rated stuff under a cut. Or die.
4. NO HOTLINKING. I cannot stress that enough. It is THEFT. Get a Photobucket account and upload it onto YOUR ferkin' bandwidth. Thank you.
5. If this stuff is not supposed to be taken, we will tell you this. We will say if it is or is not. That's our job. Don't go stealin'.
6. This is a selective group. That's all I have to say.
7. If something is under a cut, give us a breif summary beforehand so we decide yes/no.
8. No excessive cussing, dirtiness. Etc.
9. This is second last: always post something even SLIGHTLY artwork related.
10. A breif un-arty introduction is OK. A paragraph or so, who you are, your 'type' of art, etc.

Thank you. Follow the rules, get cyberhugs and other things. Break them, get your ass kicked out of here. Got that? Good.
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